Celebs investing in tech start ups is all the rage. Kanye West, Lady Gaga and the soon-to-be-divorced Ashton Kutcher have all opened their wallets to help fund start up companies and get them off the ground. Now squeaky clean teen queen Selena Gomez has participated in early round investing in Postcard on the Run, according to TechCrunch.

So what is Postcard on the Run? Well, it's a program that lets you take photos on your smart phone and transform them into real postcards for around a dollar a pop. The heavy lifting, such as the printing and mailing of the postcards, is handled by the company so all you need to do is snap, come up with a caption and tell them when and where to send it and you're done. No looking for a stamp or a mailbox.

This is good news for the financially strapped post office, right?

POTR is also cool because the company is now offering a scratch and sniff option for an additional 50 cents. See, the digital world has not made snail mail obsolete. You can't smell baby powder-scented postcards through a computer monitor ... Yet!