Selena Gomez gave a silly yet revealing interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday night (Sept. 27) to promote her new movie, 'Hotel Transylvania.'

Sporting a black sheer top and matching black sequined skirt, red lipstick and heavy eyeliner, Gomez looked like the epitome of Hollywood glamour. While she acted mature and professional, she also reminded viewers and fans of her youth and bubbly nature, too. She can have fun!

Gomez revealed that her character in 'Hotel Transylvania,' Mavis, was supposed to have a Transylvanian accent like Dracula's, but they nixed it. Why? "I was really bad at it," she said sheepishly. "I tried and they were like, 'It's best if you use your own voice.'" When Kimmel made her attempt to do the accent, she sounded awkward (Kimmel said she sounded like an old lady) and laughed, "I have a lower voice anyway."

Gomez also told Kimmel why she brought her boyfriend Justin Bieber's younger sibs, Jaxon and Jazzy, to the premiere of 'Hotel Transylvania.' "I wanted to bring them because they're kids, so they'd be the best critics," Sel said. "There were shoes lost somehow, and there was all this screaming -- and I was the loudest one there with these kids! We walk out and the shoes are gone," she said. "I was like, 'When did that happen!?'"

Sel also revealed why she still lives at home, why she won't let her mom do her laundry, how and where she and Biebs go on dates and why she loves scary movies and hates bongs. Really! She's so cute it almost hurts our heads. Biebs, you're a lucky man!

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