Even with a successful television show and numerous albums to her name, Selena Gomez still gets excited about the little things. At least that's what she implied when she raved about her mini-fridge last night (Oct. 15).

During her appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Selena talked about her new house, describing the decor ... and the one feature that she loves.

"I have a mini-fridge in my bedroom that I'm proud of," she explained. "I've got my little ginger shots, I got water. You can throw in some Kit-Kats. You never have to leave your room!"

Selena is such a fan of her mini-fridge, in fact, that she even encouraged Jimmy to get one of his own!

The actress, who was promoting her new film 'Rudderless,' also talked about having a crush on her co-star Billy Crudup when she was younger. (Understandable. Who didn't have a crush on him after seeing 'Almost Famous'?) She also discussed fans' fascinations with taking selfies, as well as her own social media presence.

Watch Selena talk about her mini-fridge in the video above, and see her chat about selfies and Billy Crudup in the videos below.

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