The second Justin Bieber released his new song, 'Heartbreaker' (a tune clearly written about his ex, Selena Gomez), the world has waited on bated breath to hear her reaction. And yesterday, when she spoke with Buffalo radio station Kiss 98.5, Gomez delivered -- loud and clear.

When asked what she thought of 'Heartbreaker,' Gomez only had positive things to say.

"Honestly, I think it's beautiful music. Especially since he is super talented, able to use it and interpret feelings through music," she replied. "It's what you do to grow as an artist, that's what I did and what many people do."

"It's sweet," she added.

Since there are clearly no hard feelings on Gomez's end, is there hope for a Jelena reconciliation in the near future?

"You should bet that I enjoy all the success that I have to be independent and single," Gomez told the interviewer, who questioned her on the odds of getting back together with the Biebs. "I know what I need to do with my life."

Listen to the full interview here.