Proving that her heart is almost as big as her hits, Selena Gomez recently showed some love for a very sick fan. Sophia Pasquarella, a five-year-old girl suffering from leukemia, sang Gomez's 'Who Says,' which her parents then uploaded it to YouTube on Jan. 5, writing, "Sophia is a 5yr old little girl fighting leukemia. Music is her medicine."

The video eventually made its way to Gomez, who tweeted a link to it on Jan. 28, writing, "Sophia your [sic] adorable."

Gomez is right. Philadelphia native Pasquarella, donning a fedora atop her hairless head, clings to her microphone while sitting on her stairs. She sings her little heart out and actually sounds great, maintaining a grin the entire time. At the conclusion of the song, she drops the mic and just smiles into the camera.

It's probably impossible to watch this clip without melting. Music has the power to heal, and if Pasquarella's video karaoke is any indication, she should be on her way to wellness soon. PopCrush wishes her a speedy recovery and lots of songs in the future!

Watch Sophia Pasquarella Sing 'Who Says'