Selena Gomez has released a new remix video for her 'When the Sun Goes Down' single 'Love You Like a Love Song.'

From the video premiere on Idolator, it's clear that the footage is mostly recut from the original video, but the chopped version is deftly timed to the rhythm of the faster, upbeat remix. Before the viewer can catch a lag in the synching, the clip cuts to a new shot of the 19-year-old pop star.

The remix itself was created by Grammy-nominated producer and remixer Dave Aude, who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more. While the video is slightly reformatted, fans still get to see Gomez play dress-up in her Marie Antoinette outfit, her futuristic garb and other various ensembles.

The Texas native's 2010 single 'A Year Without Rain' was also remixed, and had an extended life through radio and club play. 'Love You Like a Love Song' is the second single from Gomez's third studio album, following her inspiring lead track, 'Who Says.' The singer recently shot a music video for her third single, 'Hit the Lights,' which is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Love You Like a Love Song' Remix Video