Selena Gomez finally debuted the full video for her new single, 'Love You Like a Love Song,' sans the pink horses that inspired the ire of fellow pop star Pink. While the video is low on equestrians, it's high on costume changes, somewhat psychedelic, colorful images and Gomez playing many different roles throughout the course of the clip.

In the video, Gomez sports a variety of different, high-fashion looks, including supersized hair that would make any child of the '80s proud. She first takes the stage as a club singer with hair that has a life its own. She performs to a small crowd, with a TV screen behind her. On the screen, several images of Selena-as-someone-else appear to tell her story.

Gomez shows up as a boyish pop star, eerily similar to her boyfriend Justin Bieber, thanks to the bangs and mop she wears. She also dons a white suit, black tie and shades (also the favored attire of Bieber) in that scene where she is merely singing the lyrics to 'Love You Like a Love Song.' Her lips are painted with glittery silver lip gloss, which isn't exactly masculine, but we get the point that she's channeling her man.

Other TV screen footage of Gomez is sort of trippy, with a pink ocean swelling behind her. This is where the pink horses presumably ended up on the cutting room floor. She wears her hair extra-long and parted in the middle, in hippie-like fashion, while she strolls with a shaggy haired male. In another scene, she is also dressed like Marie Antoinette, complete with a powdered wig, corset, and all, while perched atop a white piano.

Gomez is next shown in a futuristic, bold color shot, riding shotgun in a purple convertible with Asian characters on the screen. She's also rocking serious cat-eye sunglasses. The final TV shot of Gomez boasts the pretty star smashing at a pinata with a mariachi band playing behind her, before reverting back to the stage.

Overall, Gomez is able to wear many wigs, er, hats, as she sings her way through the video. It's a subtle ode to being whoever you want to be and looking good while doing it.

Watch the Selena Gomez 'Love You Like a Love Song' Video