While you may not think that former Disney princess Selena Gomez and the often controversial Madonna have a lot in common (other than the fact that they're both famous singers), Gomez is proving herself to be quite a mogul like the Material Girl.

At just 20 years old, Selena Gomez has been designing her Dream Out Loud K-Mart line for years now. Meanwhile, longtime trend-setter Madge has recruited her teenage daughter Lourdes to design their collaborative Material Girl collection for Macy's. Both lines are super affordable, fashion-forward and perfect for everyday wear. We've provided some examples below, and want you readers to weigh in on which fashion line you'd prefer to rock on the reg.

The 'Love You Like a Love Song' songstress has been partnered up with K-Mart since 2010, offering up young girls tons of Dream Out Loud designs to choose from. With everything from romantic, flowy tops and high-low skirts to grunge-inspired flannels and dark denims, Gomez's line has items appropriate for all occasions. You can see her modeling some of her Dream Out Loud clothing below, and check out her current collection online at K-Mart.

Meanwhile, Madonna's Material Girl clothing line has the same kind of feel, in the sense that she and Gomez's lines contain both casual and dressier looks for young women of all ages. Maybe we have her teenage daughter Lourdes to thank for that aesthetic? Anyway, the moderately priced Material Girl line is available at Macy's, and fashion lovers can pick up everything from lingerie and printed leggings to leather jackets and funky dresses. Spokeswoman Kelly Osbourne is modeling some designs below, and you can flip through the Material Girl collection in its entirety over at Macy's.

So, who do you think has the best fashion line? Or better yet, which fashion line would you prefer to buy items from? Look over some ensembles and vote Selena's Dream Out Loud or Madonna's Material Girl below!


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