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Selena Gomez Owning the Menswear Trend

Steve Jennings, Getty Images

Selena Gomez's red carpet choices are usually pretty on point. She's found a comfortable mix of glamour and sexy, and always keeps it classy. Easily her best-dressed look of the year (thus far) was earlier this week at We Day.

The singer rocked a cherry red suit tailored perfectly to the T. The key to pulling off this look (especially when you go sans shirt!) is getting the exact fit, and Selena's execution was flawless. Added bonus: her windswept chignon.

Leighton Meester + Dana Williams Cover Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'

It's not easy to take an iconic song and make it your own, but Leighton and Dana do this so successfully, it's ridic. The women's stripped down duet is vulnerable, moving and everything you would expect in a Fleetwood Mac tune. It's so effortless and so, so good. Just watch it.

Justin Bieber Putting Tattoos on Hold

With a slew of legal troubles on his roster at the moment, it seems like Justin's accelerating tattoo collection is the least of his PR issues. Some recent additions to his body art include mom Pattie Mallette's eye, the word "Forgive," a jester's face and a boombox. While his ink choices don't seem to be as impulsive as some other pop stars we can name (cough Harry/Zayn/Louis), at times they seem a bit rushed.

When Justin announced that he done with tattoos for a while, there seemed to be a sigh of relief in the pop music world. The singer has so much image rehabbing to do that maybe it's best to put down the tattoo needle and devote his time to staying away from the spotlight.