MTV EMAs host Selena Gomez debuted her gangsta alter ego in a recent promo for the show. Justin Bieber's normally squeaky clean girlfriend showed off a playful and not-so-polished side in these behind-the-scene clips, sharing how she helped to create the character! It is cute to see the super sweet Sel Go transform into her ghetto alter ego, complete with an oversized flannel top, baggy jeans, huge earrings, exposed boxer shorts and Chuck Taylor sneakers. Her lips are painted blood red, too.

Gomez admits that she "never had this much creative control" and that her wardrobe changes during the ceremony will be for comedic value, not because she wants to wear 30 different outfits a la Lady Gaga!

While the 'Who Says' singer is quick to say that she wouldn't rock this attire (save for the hair and makeup) on her own, she's not making fun of anyone either, since "half [of her] family has these tattoos and looks like this!"

Gomez also loved creating this alter ego since "it's the first time [she gets] to kind of let loose and be silly, and it's kind of awesome." She does assert that the wrist tattoo is something you'd never see in the high fashion world and that she wasn't quite comfortable baring her belly. She said, "I just know that I've never worn anything like that in showing my stomach. I've never been that exposed."

Overall, we think Selena Gomez has a rad sense of humor and we love seeing her transition from pretty, glossy, clean-cut glamour puss to a tough, dark, edgy and utilitarian dresser from the mean streets. Would The Biebs dates the darker, sultrier and more street version of Selena Gomez? We think so!

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