Selena Gomez is showcasing her new scent, and she couldn't be more thrilled about it!

The 'Spring Breakers' starlet posed with her new perfume bottles, which are tall, narrow and purple (which just happens to be Justin Bieber's favorite color!), featuring red and gold lips coming out of the top. She gives an enthusiastic thumbs up, captioning the shot, “Ahhh it's so purrty.. So excited, nervous and hyper!"

Gomez had her fans vote on the notes in hew new scent. Fans chose raspberry over apple and melon, freesia over jasmine and vanilla over coconut for the fragrance’s respective top, heart and base notes. Sel explained when voting began, "You're all going to be wearing my perfume, so why shouldn't you have a say too?" Good point, Gomez!

The perfume, Selena Gomez by Selena Gomez, will be available at Macy’s this May. If it smells as good as it looks, we can't wait to snag a bottle of our own! Do you think it'll outsell Someday?