This doesn't sound like a coincidence to us. Selena Gomez was filmed getting off a plane in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, April 18, which just so happens to be where her ex Justin Bieber is on tour. We don't think she flew thousands of miles just to make him cry, either.

TMZ reports that sources are saying Sel wants to hook up with her ex, who has been on a downward spiral since their split. Maybe she saw those shirtless pics and had a change of heart and wants to rekindle the flame. We might be singing "Reunited and it feels so good" very soon.

Gomez touched down around the time The Biebs hit the stage, so maybe she was headed to the venue or to the hotel to give him a post-perf surprise!

A Norwegian pop star noticed Sel on a flight from L.A. to Norway and tweeted about it, which set off a torrent of digital discussions among Beliebers about a reunion.

A Biebs source also said this is not a coinkydink and that Sel flew out specifically to see Twitter's most followed person. Well duh. Why the heck else would she be headed halfway around the world if not to reclaim her man? Or at least to get some action.

We certainly hope this is not another instance of the mixed signals she's been sending him. Give the kid a break, Sel. He's Justin Bieber for God's sake. We hope they get back together since they're really cute together and something or someone needs to get Le Biebs back on track, and we think Selena just might be it. We don't dig it when he spits.