In this clip from the O.C. Fair on July 24, the always adorable Selena Gomez reminds us why she is at the top of the teen queen heap. Gomez, who just celebrated her 19th birthday last week, performed 'Hit the Lights' from her new album, 'When the Sun Goes Down,' looking like her usual radiant self in a silver and pink sequined dress. It's like Selena never had a bad hair day or never makes a fashion misstep; she always looks beautiful. Some girls have all the luck.

But beyond her many genetic blessings, the multi-talented multi-tasker gave us further evidence of her endless talents. While we're used to hearing her chat in interviews or seeing her videos, this live taste of the singer proves what a talent she is, singing and dancing without losing her breath. We also love her fabulously bedazzled pink microphone.

This was a special show for Selena, as her boyfriend Justin Bieber came on stage and surprised her fans by performing a mashup. It certainly has us wondering when (not if) Gomez and Bieber are going to team up and record a ballad together. It would be the mother of all teen phenom love songs. Plus, the couple that plays together, stays together, so a duet would only further cement the Gomez/Bieber pairing. Trust us. We're not doctors, but we are pop culture experts.

Watch Selena Gomez Perform 'Hit the Lights'