Selena Gomez has been embroiled in a lawsuit with Adrenalina, a perfume company. She was sued after backing out of a planned endorsement and then countersued, claiming she bailed because the company was out of money and couldn't even produce the product. The suit has been settled and could cost the singer and actress a pretty penny.

According to TMZ, Adrenalina says it spent $2 million on researching and developing a perfume line to be repped by Gomez.

What a shame -- it could have been Adrenaselena! But Sel reneged on the agreement and backed out since she felt she had to.

The current suit documents show that the case has is being settled.

Insiders say that Selena will still have to part with a six-figure amount of cash to close the suit. Ouch, that has to hurt.

But even worse, there's also another element of the settlement which could elevate the amount that Gomez has to pay to seven figures.

Neither side commented, but we're going to assume that Gomez can't be happy about having to part with that much cash over a bunk deal. Mo' money, mo' problems.