Puppy love!

Selena Gomez tweeted a photo of herself and one of the loves of her life on Wednesday. She posted the message: "Look at how big my baby has gotten : )" And guess what? She wasn't talking about her boyfriend Justin Bieber, either. Instead, she shared a shot of her recently rescued Husky mix Baylor, sitting on her lap and enjoying a leisurely snuggle.

Baylor, who had surgery a few weeks back after supposedly eating some rocks and causing his mommy to worry, is getting to be a big boy. He looks quite happy curled up in mommy's lap. We love Sel's summery outfit of dark rinse jeans, flip-flops and a white and gray tank. While most of the country deals with late fall chill, Sel looks like she is enjoying an extended summer with her pup.

We're glad that Baylor is all better after surgery. Can you imagine how big he is going to get? His paws are already huge. And look at those beautiful blue eyes, too! While Selena adopted Baylor solo -- she's not sharing puppy parenting duty -- one look at that face makes us wonder if The Biebs will quickly sign up to be Baylor's daddy!