Out with one Disney queen, in with another! Selena Gomez is replacing Miley Cyrus in Adam Sandler's forthcoming film 'Hotel Transylvania.' Gomez will sink her fangs into the role of Dracula's daughter vacated by Cyrus in the animated film.

Sandler's rep (via Oh No They Didn't!) confirmed Cyrus bagged the role, and that Gomez has boarded the film. Gomez is certainly courting darker artistic fare as of late. The singer/actress will start shooting 'Spring Breakers' in Florida shortly, an edgy film where she will play a co-ed who drinks and parties. We can't wait to see Sel sprout her creative wings and try her hand at different, less wholesome roles. It'll show her range and the breadth of her skills and talents. We're all for it.

In the flick, Sandler plays Dracula, who runs a high-end resort some distance away from the human world. A boy uncovers the secret world and falls for his teenage daughter and that's where the drama ensues.

Cee Lo Green is also featured in the cast, which includes funnymen Andy Samberg and Kevin James.

A September release date is planned for 'Hotel Transylvania.' Will you be checking in?