Selena Gomez is chatting up a storm about her new album -- and now you can hear a track that may be on it!

Gomez denied rumors of working with her BFF Taylor Swift on her new album. "I definitely didn't work with Taylor Swift on this album," she clarified, "but she has heard my stuff."

The 'Love You Like a Love Song' singer revealed that her edgy, adult roles in film influenced her music as well. "I kind of wanted to apply what I was doing in acting to my music a little bit," she explained, "so I got to take a year off music and do films that were so much fun and liberating for me as an actor. Then getting back into the studio -- it was the hardest I've ever worked on an album."

What makes this record different? "I wanted to work with different producers, and the same producers that I'd always worked with. And then I wanted to elevate the production and the melodies and everything behind it. I wanted it to be very pop-electro, so in a way, I think Skrillex and Britney and 'Spring Breakers' were totally an inspiration for my album."

As for what we'll hear when, Gomez declared, "The first single is called 'Come and Get It,' and it will be out in April. It's a fun dance track ... it's super pop-electro. That's the only way I can explain it!"

Meanwhile, a Gomez track called 'Rule the World' leaked, and it sounds like a breakup anthem she'd use to get over a certain Justin Bieber. The lyrics hint at an off-and-on relationship: "Our love was made to rule the world / You came and broke the perfect girl / Our love was made to rule the world / You left me wanting what we were / Forget forever / Forget forever / Forget you ever knew my name."

It's unclear when or for which Gomez album 'Rule the World' was recorded, but if she had a hand in writing it, we'd be willing to bet it's for her upcoming record. From the sound of it, Jelena really are dunzo for good!

Listen to Selena Gomez, 'Rule the World'