Selena Gomez is on a roll promoting 'Stars Dance,' and part of having such a highly anticipated album is the inevitable leak.

Another ballad, similar in tone and theme to 'Love Will Remember,' has leaked. 'Sad Serenade' hit the Web this weekend, and Selenators are going wild for it.

The song, a B-side, leaked onto tumblr, and it's a danceable pop beat with a heartbroken vocal. It boasts the EDM influences that Gomez likely picked up from her pal Skrillex, who scored the 'Spring Breakers' soundtrack, but the production sounds less dubstep and more trance-inspired.

"All the love that we made / Turn it up and let it play / A sad, sad serenade," she wails. Elsewhere in the track she cries out, "I can't believe you didn't try harder for me," and laments, "I wish you the best / I really do / Even though I know I'm not over you." It's not surprising that Beliebers would find this track a little heartbreaking, too.

C'mon, Jelena -- please work it out or just move it along. These serenades are making us sad!