Selena Gomez shared the (literally) stripped-down cover art for Revival, her album due out October 9, mere days ago. Last night (September 9) she unveiled two more album tidbits: a track list and a brand-new song.

"Same Old Love" is a shift from her first Revival single, the breathy, languid "Good For You," and it's a finger-snappy tale of tiresome and toxic love. "Take away your things and go / You can't take back what you said, I know / I've heard it all before, at least a million times, I'm not one to forget, you know," she sings. Is it *possible* this song was inspired by a certain famous ex-boyfriend who says he's "still healing" from their breakup? We don't know for sure, but we do know that sass-factory Charli XCX wrote on the track — listen closely and you just might hear her singing backup on the chorus, too.

Slowly unveiling a track list on Twitter is all the rage these days (right, Demi?), and that's exactly how Selena shared Revival's full slate of songs. Because Selena fully aims to show the world that she's a grown 'n sexy woman now on her upcoming release, she tweeted tracks along with black-and-white footage of her body in tight close-up. Artsy! Also a little like a body lotion commercial.

Check out the full track list below, and scroll down to see Selena's ~sensual~ reveal.

1. "Revival"
2. "Kill Em With Kindness"
3. "Hands To Myself"
4. "Same Old Love"
5. "Sober"
6. "Good For You"
7. "Camouflage"
8. "Me & The Rhythm"
9. "Survivors"
10. "Body Heat"
11. "Rise"
12. "Me & My Girls" *
13. "Nobody" *
14. "Perfect" *
15. "Outta My Hands" **
16. "Cologne" **

*Revival Deluxe
** Target Deluxe Version

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