Selena Gomez is a sea nymph in her new commercial for her debut scent, which is named after her! The 30-second spot features Justin Bieber's lady love swimming, while fully clothed in a gorgeous purple frock. She's sexy and soaking wet.

With her single 'Love You Like a Love Song' playing in the background, Sel is downright sultry, as she stares straight ahead, with her mane of glossy black hair drenched and slicked back out of her face, showing off her pretty features.

While we don't doubt that her dress was ruined by wearing it while submerged, the commercial makes the point that the fragrance is light, flirty and pretty. When she was in the earliest stages of promoting the scent, Sel said that she wanted the wearer to feel kissable.

Can't get enough of Selena Gomez, Perfumer? Then go here to check out the print ad for the scent, which landed at retail earlier this year. The photo was taken during this same shoot.

Selena the Sea Nymph has stolen our hearts. She looks like the hottest babe on the block in this commercial. Check out how perfect her cotton candy pink lipstick is, despite being all wet!

Any PopCrush readers nab a bottle of Sel's scent? Do you love it?

Watch the Selena Gomez Fragrance Commercial