Ut oh. Singer/actress/Justin Bieber's lady love Selena Gomez has received a death threat that is so serious and terrifying that the Threat Management unit of the LAPD has been dispatched to cover the case and Gomez has already filed a restraining order to protect herself. Yikes!

TMZ reports that Thomas Brodnicki, 46, told his therapist that he was planning to kill Gomez. Whoa. That's some scary stuff. What's worse is that Brodnicki has a criminal history of stalking, so it's not like this is just a pile of crazy talk. It appears as though Brodnicki takes action when he makes threats.

But there actually is some pretty intense crazy talk also involved. Brodnicki reportedly told his shrink that he traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles with the intention of meeting the star and visited her place of work up to three times. Perhaps the most disturbing of Brodnicki's statements was that he claimed to have had conversations with God about murdering the teen.

That's certainly a good enough reason for Gomez and her lawyer Blair Berk to file paperwork for an immediate restraining order. Gomez is said to be living in "extreme fear" that Brodnicki will make good on his threats. We do not blame her. We'd be shaking in our shoes if someone said such things about us. Additionally, Gomez and Berk said that Brodnicki was subject to a mental evaluation after he was caught threatening to scratch people's eyes out on the street recently.

Poor Selena. This has got to be an utterly terrifying experience for her. Given Brodnicki's long history of mental illness and of issuing criminal threats such as this, local authorities are treating this case seriously.

We hope this blows over on the quick for Sel! She doesn't need this kind of headache in her life. While celebrities must deal with uncomfortable issues like this due to the fact that they are in the public eye, this type of threat is is super scary and must be handled with utmost care.