In the latest 'Kids React' webisode, the Fine Bros. are having their trust panel of kids weigh in on Selena Gomez. The kids watched Gomez's meeting with her celebrity crush (aside from boyfriend Justin Bieber obviously), Shia LaBeouf.

Athena, 13, said Selena was "lucky" that she got to meet Shia, but some kids like Marlhy didn't seem to really give a hoot. The 9-year-old had a "so what" kind of look on her face as she shrugged off Selena's excited shrieks after meeting the 'Transformers' actor. However, 10-year-old Sloane was a bit concerned, saying, "Wait, I thought she was dating Justin Bieber. And she's that excited to see Shia LaBeouf?"

After watching the video, the kids gave their evaluations, with most of the kids saying how it was sweet and how it's nice to see famous people getting starstruck just like us regular folks. Except for Sophie, 11, who was both "bothered" and "amused" that Gomez's "dress was falling off" and bluntly said "I do not like her."

The kids were then questioned about Selena's relationship with The Biebs. "It's weird because they're not even alike. She's taller and Justin Bieber is little," Sammie, 7, explained. But even though Kevin, 12, said Shia was "smooth-talking her," the kids agreed that Selena is a good person and that she wouldn't hurt The Biebs. "She's a good girl, you know? She's not like Miley Cyrus all smoking pot all the time," Athena, 13, thoughtfully said.

Sloane closed out the webisode by summing up the video of Selena's starstruck encounter. "That makes me think that she's not just a person … [Who] bosses people around and thinks they're all so perfect," he said. "I can tell Lindsay Lohan thinks she's perfect. My god, get off the drugs lady."

Watch Kids React to Selena Gomez Meeting Shia LaBeouf