Selena Gomez is in Bulgaria shooting the remake of 'The Getaway,' so perhaps that's why she blew off a little steam and fired a gun at a shooting range! Whatever the reason or the case that Sel grabbed a weapon, one thing is for sure: Justin Bieber's No. 1 gal sure is a bada--.

Gomez tweeted two photos where she is brandishing a weapon in a closed, controlled and ultimately safe setting. Well, at least we think it's Sel, since we only see her back and her glossy mane of black hair, which is probably how the cameraman preferred it. After all, who wants someone aiming a loaded weapon at 'em, even for a photo opp?

In one shot, she's solo, wearing a striped tank and baggy jeans. She included the caption, "released some stress today." Well, that's one way to rid your body and life of stress, by letting it out during target practice. It's also a great way to practice for a film role. Two birds, one gun, er, stone.

In the second image, she's paired with a pal or a co-star! Their backs to the camera, as she fires. She tweeted:  "We're on one."

Selena Gomez sure is growing up.

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