The ratings of U.S. 'X Factor' may be in the toilet, but the producers are still wrangling A-list talent, like Selena Gomez, to perform on the live shows. The singer and actress performed 'Slow Down' while leather-clad on the program last night (Nov. 14).

Gomez and her dancers took the stage for a well-choreographed performance of her latest hit. Sel looked hotter than ever with her cascade of curly hair, red lips, thigh-high boots and fringe skirt. Wowza!

Justin Bieber's ex was smiling the entire time and clearly enjoying herself while entertaining the judge's panel and the hopefuls, along with the anemic viewing audience at home. Hopefully a dedicated faction of Seleniacs who don't normally watch the show tuned in and gave the ratings a little boost.

Sel Go showed the 'X Factor' contestants how it's done with her on point performance. Let's hope they learned something by watching a bona fide superstar take the stage.