Selena Gomez got her smooch on with a fake Justin Bieber. No, it wasn’t a lookalike of The Biebs, as there are plenty of those, with their perfectly coiffed hair. Rather, it was a cardboard cutout display of her famous boyfriend hawking his best-selling female fragrance Someday. It's safe to say that Gomez cheated on The Biebs with The Biebs in this instance.

All the Beliebers who have made Gomez that target of their ire simply because she has won the heart of their one and only might be ready to pounce at the idea of the 'Who Says' singer planting a kiss on a fake Bieber -- but alas, 'twas just a promotional display version of The Biebs.

Obviously, when you are dating the biggest teen pop sensation on earth, you can't even go to the mall without having some sort of promotional or photographic reminder of his fame, so perhaps that's why Gomez planted a peck on the pseudo Bieber. It's a super cute shot and she probably texted it to her boyfriend after the fact.

Something tells us that this smooch was not as good as the real thing, even though this cardboard doppelganger is quite a faithful artistic rendering of The Bieb. Just sayin'. Maybe The Biebs will return the favor next year when Gomez launches her own fragrance. One good smooch deserves another.