Some say there is always a winner in every breakup, and if that's the case, Selena Gomez is beating the tar out of Justin Bieber in their breakup saga. Last night, Gomez was spotted  leaving a Grammy party with none other than Alfredo Flores, one of Bieber's BFFs. Girrrl, that is cold blooded! Meanwhile, Bieber spent his Grammy night attempting to host a live chat and pretty much failing.

This isn't the first time these two have gotten cozy either. Remember the pictures that surfaced back in July of Gomez and Flores getting flirty on the beach while Selena and Justin were still an item? Could that have been the tipping point for their relationship? There's always a chance!

Let's not get carried away though, judging from the pictures of the two alleged lovebirds leaving the party in Los Angeles, Gomez was looking a wee bit tipsy. Flores could have been doing the gentlemanly thing and giving Selena an arm to grasp so she didn't lose her footing in her heels, which would have caused a much bigger media frenzy.

Dating or not, they seem like good friends and to that we say ... Viva Selfredo!

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