The man accused of making death threats to Selena Gomez has pleaded not guilty to a stalking charge. The threats were so serious and had Sel so spooked that she sought a temporary restraining order, which was granted. We'd have done the same thing if this had happened to us!

Now, WENN reports that Thomas Brodnicki, the 46-year-old man who told his psychiatrist that he spoke to God about killing Gomez and even headed to Los Angeles all the way from Chicago in an attempt to meet the singer/actress/love of Justin Bieber's life, has pleaded not guilty. Brodnicki has a history of this type of predatory behavior and he appeared in Los Angeles County Court yesterday (Nov. 3) to maintain that he is innocent. We understand that all persons who stand accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty, but judging from the facts surrounding this incident, and knowing that Brodnicki has a history of stalking on his, um, resume, things aren't looking too rosy for him. However, Brodnicki was granted $150,000 bail.

The judge is not taking the case lightly, as he upgraded the restraining order, telling the disturbed Brodnicki that he is not to have any contact with or to go near Gomez and her family and friends for a period of three years. Three years is the magic time frame in this matter, since that's how long Brodnicki could go to jail if he is convicted of the stalking charges.

We hope that Gomez feels a little better about this matter and that Brodnicki's actions don't cause her to live in fear. She's also got The Biebs to protect her, too, so hopefully she can put this matter behind her on the quick.