Selena Gomez will release 'Stars Dance' on July 23, the day after her 21st birthday. She got the party started early by unlocking preview snippets of several of the album's tracks, which you can listen to below.

One thing we noticed is that Sel appears to have grown up on this album. She's less teen pop and more dance-friendly, but she's not alienating her young fanbase, 'Spring Breakers' style. She's just matured, sonically, and plays with dubstep lite.

We've listened to all of the snippets and are pleased to offer our commentary on each track, based on the brief audio sample that Sel provided.

'Birthday' is a clap happy anthem that reminds us of Kesha's pop sass.

'Slow Down' is as EDM as a Sel has ever sounded. Well, it's as EDM as a Sel song has ever sounded, since this snippet is instrumental.

The 'Stars Dance' snippet is breathy and sultry, and Sel sounds like her idol Britney Spears

'Like a Champion' is reggae-inspired and funkdafied.

'Forget Forever' is also very dancefloor friendly as Gomez sings "Our love was made to rule the world.'

'Saves the Day' is another banger, but of the G-rated sort!

'B.E.A.T' is urban, sexy and hip-hop-style.

'Write Your Name' is another exotic and sexy track with vocal effects. It's a bit dubby.