Get ready, Selenators! Selena Gomez has been everywhere lately promoting 'Stars Dance,' and now her track listing for the record is here.

Out July 23, the album includes, of course, 'Come & Get It,' which Gomez has performed in Bollywood style on every imaginable stage that she could. Aside from the India-inspired hit, 'Stars Dance' also features some song titles that may be telling of Gomez's current situation and all the ups and downs she's faced (especially with Justin Bieber) in the last year. Those telling titles include 'Forget Forever,' 'Love Will Remember' and 'Nobody Does It Like You.'

One song that's missing? The previously leaked 'Rule the World.' Bummer!

Still, it looks like Sel is pretty celebratory elsewhere, with tracks called 'B.E.A.T.' and 'Birthday.' Sounds like this album may be a party! You can check out the complete track listing below!

Selena Gomez, 'Stars Dance' Track Listing:

1. 'Birthday'
2. 'Slow Down'
3. 'Stars Dance'
4. 'Like a Champion'
5. 'Come & Get It'
6. 'Forget Forever'
7. 'Save the Day'
8. 'B.E.A.T.'
9. 'Write Your Name'
10. 'Undercover'
11. 'Love Will Remember'

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