Bad news for Selena Gomez + the Scene! The starlet and her band are embroiled in a lawsuit for $1 million by a group of songwriters claiming she ripped off of one of their songs for her hit 'A Year Without Rain.'

The four songwriters in the suit are Tom Luce, Brian Kroll, Matt Blackett and Lawrence Riggs. They claim that Gomez's song is nearly identical to their track 'Buy a Dog' -- not in lyrics, obviously, but in structure. The parts in question are the melodies in the chorus. The suit alleges that Gomez's team stole the melodies from their song, thereby infringing on the song's copyright. Seeing as the songwriters never granted Gomez nor her team permission to use the melodies and she still wound up profiting off of them, they want their fair share of the cash, as well as damages.

Gomez's camp so far has no comment on the lawsuit, which we're not sure will hold much water in court.

You can listen to both tracks below. While there are slight similarities, it seems like a real stretch because the songs themselves are completely different. We doubt Sel had any idea the 'Buy a Dog' song existed, though we admit it's a pretty catchy tune (and the video is adorable).

Watch the Luce 'Buy a Dog' Video

Watch the Selena Gomez 'A Year Without Rain' Video