It looks as though Selena Gomez is trying to maintain her friendships with her ladies, while still dating the guy her friends love to hate -- Justin Bieber.

We all saw the GIF of Taylor Swift making a face at Jelena kissing, but that will not stopping Selena from continuing her relationship with Justin. A source told Hollywood Life, "Selena will remain friends with Taylor regardless of her dating Justin. Selena knows that Taylor is not a threat to their relationship physically and will overall make her own decisions."

Not a threat physically? Does that mean Justin isn't attracted to Taylor, or that T.Swift dislikes Bieber so much that she will cause him bodily harm?

The source continued, "At the end of the day for Selena, she knows it is best for her to remain friendly with both, because the only times Taylor will really see Justin is during award shows. Everyone can fake that they like each other for a few hours when they are in those situations."

We're just happy that Gomez won't be the type to throw her friendships by the wayside while she's clearly dating someone her friends do not approve of. Though it seems like the 'Come & Get It' songstress is playing the dangerous game called 'Keep Everyone in My Life Happy.' Gotta think about your sanity too, girl!

So, Jelena are back in action and there's not a thing Taylor Swift can do about it. Womp womp.