On Oct. 10, Selena Gomez posed for red carpet pictures at the premiere of 'The Thing' in Universal City, Calif. The singer/actress looked beautiful as she attended the debut of the revamped horror flick. Gomez wore a sheer, flowing white blouse (which seems to be one of her signature style pieces), sequined black shorts, and strappy leather heels. Gomez also kept her makeup very natural, sporting a radiant glow and nude lips.

Even though Gomez stopped to pose for a few pictures with 'Hostel' director/'Inglorious Basterds' star Eli Roth, she surprisingly went stag to the premiere. We thought for sure that she would want to grasp her boyfriend Justin Bieber's hand during the scary parts of the monster flick, but we guess she's brave enough to watch it on her own. Who knew she was a horror movie buff? Maybe she's getting herself psyched up for Halloween!

In case you were wondering about 'The Thing,' the movie's plot centers around a research team in the Antarctic. Their base is infiltrated by a shape-shifting, parasitical alien that takes the form (albeit an amorphous, disgusting and usually slimy form) of its host. Although the 2011 remake stars 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the main character, the original film from 1982 featured an all-male cast, with Kurt Russell acting as the film's protagonist.