Happy birthday, Selena Gomez! The 'Who Says' hitmaker and former Disney princess turns 19 today. Ever since the tender age of seven, Selena Gomez has been working in show business. She first hit it big with starring roles on the Disney channel, including her first major lead role on 'Wizards of Waverly Place.' Gomez used her acting platform to launch into a career in music, and her band Selena Gomez and the Scene now has two platinum singles and two gold records under their belts. In celebration of the Texas cutie's birthday, PopCrush is counting down this list of 10 things you might not have known about the singer/actress.

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    Selena hates rudeness and when people label her as 'spoiled.'

    Even though she is an only child, Gomez prides herself on not being spoiled. “I’m an only child, but my grandmother babysat 13 kids at once, so I grew up with a bunch of kids around me," Gomez told Parade. “I hate it when people don't bother to say 'please' and 'thank you,'” she adds. “I've met the nicest people in L.A., but I’ve also met the meanest.”

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    She caught the acting bug from her mother.

    Selena's interest in acting was sparked when she was just 7 years old after seeing her mother act in local plays. "I watched my mom do a lot of theater when I was younger and I saw how much passion she had for it," she said. "I loved to watch her rehearse. I always wanted to get involved in that. And one day I did. And now I'm here and I'm very happy."

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    Gomez loved studying science and the environment in school.

    "I [really like] physical science—the layers of the Earth and everything …. I just think it's fascinating to learn about our Earth," Gomez explained back in 2008. "I'm learning about global warming and stuff like that. I've actually cried about this stuff because it's awful that it's happening. But I encourage everyone to help with that. My mom and I want to help and we donate and anything else we can do. I think it's really important to do whatever we can."

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    Selena once dressed up as Katy Perry for Halloween.

    Gomez was super "excited" about her Halloween costume back in 2010. She decided to dress up as fellow pop songstress Katy Perry, who has become known for her crazy outfit choices. "It’s the 'California Gurls' [music video] outfit with the blue hair," Selena told Just Jared last year. We doubt she did, but it would've been pretty awesome if she wore the cupcake bra too!

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    She has had an up-and-down relationship with Demi Lovato.

    Gomez and Lovato go way back, but their relationship hit a rough patch at one point. Lovato was struggling with personal problems, and Gomez began hanging out with her good friend Taylor Swift a lot. Some words were exchanged, but the girls are hanging out again and everything is just fine in friendship land.

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    She played 90 characters in just one movie.

    Her role in the Dr. Seuss film 'Horton Hear a Who!' found Ms. Gomez portraying nearly 100 different characters. Gomez voiced 90 of the 96 mayor's daughters in the film. Listen to some of her voices here. Although she technically played 89 other roles, Gomez was credited for her role of 'Helga' in the animated movie.

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    Selena wears a promise ring to symbolize purity.

    According to PEOPLE, Gomez wears a promise ring as a symbol of chastity. Apparently, the ring reads "True Love Waits," and her ex boyfriend Nick Jonas also wears one. "That was something we bonded over," Gomez once said. What a great message to send of all her young fans. We wonder if she's bought one for Justin Bieber yet...

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    Ella Fitzgerald is Selena's favorite singer.

    In a recent Q&A session, Selena praised the chanteuse. She said, "I love Ella Fitzgerald, [she's] my favorite singer ever. So she inspires me because she’s got such a beautiful voice and she doesn’t really add a bunch of things — well she can’t because that was a long time ago."

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    Gomez used to be on 'Barney and Friends.'

    Her first real gig was as a "friend" on 'Barney,' and it was great first experience for the starlet. "It was fun. I learned a lot from that. It was the first thing I auditioned for," she told Scholastic in 2008. "I had no experience and no agent and I was standing in line with 1,400 other kids. I auditioned for it and I went in and I shot two seasons." Gomez also stated that Barney is "very nice in person." Watch a video of Selena (and Demi Lovato) acting on 'Barney' here.

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    Selena has a huge crush on Shia LaBeouf.

    Selena Gomez looked like her head was almost going to explode when she recently met the handsome actor backstage at an event. She blushed as she told Shia, who is six years her senior, "I admire you." Gomez was later pictured gushing over him, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh he's so cute." Watch out, Bieber! It looks like you aren't the only guy Selena has her beautiful brown eyes set on.