Russian fans of Selena Gomez are pretty bummed right now. Justin Bieber's former lady love had to cancel her two planned gigs in Russia since officials in the country have denied her visa request. She is therefore unable to perform.

Sel was slated to play the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg on Sept. 23 and the Olimiisky stadium in Moscow on Sept. 25.

Promoters confirmed that the shows are being axed over the visa refusal, with organizers pointing to the country's anti-gay law as a possible reason her visa was rejected. Authorities are being incredibly strict regarding the travel of performers like Gomez who speak out in favor of gay rights.

The singer's rep confirmed to E! that she will not be headed to Russia.

Lady Gaga and Madonna, who are far more outspoken in their pro-gay rights stances, faced legal action when they performed in Russia. So if anything, Gomez is in good company.

That said, it's a shame for Russian fans, who miss out on seeing an American artist they love. They are the ones who lose the most here.