UPDATE: Selena Gomez won Round 1 and has moved on to the semi-finals. You can vote for her here!

Selena Gomez and Lorde are both extremely talented, with loyal fanbases more than willing to sing their praises. We predict it'll be a close race to determine which superstar should be one step closer to becoming PopCrush's Prom Queen of 2014. Which singer would you prefer to see crowned?

Selena is know for her classic style and poise. She's humble, generous and totally inspiring -- which makes her the perfect candidate for Prom Queen! We think that Selena would rule the school like she does the airwaves: with grace and ambition. (Also, it's a given that her prom dress would be totally chic!) With a successful TV, movie and music career, it's also a given that Selena is ready to take on the duties of prom queen.

Lorde is still new to the pop music scene, but she's made a massive name for herself. Her breakout hit, 'Royals,' celebrates not having it all, but being happy anyway. Lorde relates to her fans because she embraces her flaws. She's crazy talented, but still totally down-to-earth. The singer knows she's a role model -- and like everyone else, she's just figuring it out as she goes. We can totally envision her pulling a 'Mean Girls' while accepting her crown and breaking off pieces for her fellow students.

Who should win this round of the PopCrush Prom King and Queen of 2014 bracket? You can vote for Selena or Lorde as Prom Queen once an hour until the polls close on Tuesday, May 13, at 12PM ET.