Taylor Swift is one of those artists that everyone wants to collaborate with -- and for good reason. Not only is she a gifted singer and musician, the girl knows how to write a damn good pop song, infusing the tune with lyrics so profound yet so relatable that we find ourselves wondering just how she is able to pinpoint her emotions so perfectly. Taylor has collabed with some big name artists in the past, including Ed Sheeran and her ex, John Mayer, and but we'd love to see her record with some of her fellow female pop stars. Selena Gomez already has BFF status with Taylor, while Lorde has hinted about working with Ms. Swift in the future -- not to mention the fact that Ariana Grande and Tay have some serious similarities in the studio. Who would you like to see Taylor Swift collaborate with?

Selena Gomez would be the most obvious choice, given that she and T. Swift are best friends, hang out all the time and already dish on past boyfriend experiences. (Taylor even wrote the song '22' with Sel and their other pals in mind.) And to top it all off, the two stars have already discussed collaborating in the future. "We’d love to do that one day. It has to be the right time and the right song," Selena revealed this past October. "We’ve always talked about it.” Let's make it happen, ladies! We think that Taylor's sweet voice and Selena's smokier vocals would sound awesome together.

Ever since Lorde dropped some recent hints that she and Taylor may work together in the future, the world has been waiting on bated breath for a duet between the two enormous talents. Both ladies are huge fans of each other's work, and we know that their songwriting ability is off the charts. Can you imagine how incredible a duet between the two would be? “Yeah, we are [different],” Lorde said about their music styles. “But I think the cool thing about Taylor is she is pretty willing to go a lot of places with music.” Which is exactly what would make their union so sick.

Ariana Grande and Taylor have more in common than just being young, gorgeous and talented pop stars: They are both incredibly quick at their craft. OneRepublic frontman, songwriter and music producer Ryan Tedder spilled this fact in February 2014, saying that "[Ariana] is one of the fastest singers I’ve EVER heard in my life and is just amazing. We knocked out two songs in a day. I did a little stuff with Taylor [Swift], who is probably the fastest songwriter I’ve ever met in my life.” Put the two together, and we bet that T. Swizzle and Ariana could knock out a killer song in no time.

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