19-year-old Selena Gomez is clearly the queen of music, touring and style. Currently on her We Own the Night tour, Gomez shares with E! News (on opening night), her favorite costume changes, what she thinks of her dancing ability, and admitting that she still gets the jitters before going onstage.

"I still get kind of nervous, but it's a good kind of nervous," she confessed. Nerves aside, she seems to be most excited about the feedback she gets from her fans. “The reaction I feel like is going to be the best part. The choreography, and the feel of it and how I wanted it to be interpreted on stage, basically I wanted it to be like a huge rave … I just wanted it to be fun,” she added.

But is she the queen of dancing? As a pop star, you might think it’s in her blood. “I thought I did okay," she told E! News. "I wanted to make sure, obviously because that’s not my background, I obviously wanted to make sure that we did routines that fit my body well and stuff that I was capable of doing, which I think I accomplished, hopefully.”

And her outfits? “I wanted it to kind of represent different sides of my personality,” she explained. And by personality, we know she means fun, and lots and lots of sparkles. She dons everything from a bedazzled hoodie, which she calls her "hip-hop look," to her favorite piece, a Britney Spears outfit that resembles the 'I'm a Slave 4 U' era. She wears this during her Britney tribute that she does during each show.

When E! News asked if we'd catch a glimpse of boyfriend Justin Bieber during her show, she was quick to remind us that the tour is not about her personal life. “It’s not really about that though ... It’s about my tour and all the hard work I’ve done.” Of course, that doesn't mean he's not backstage with her, giving her a bit of support before she jumps onstage.

The tour resumes tonight (Aug. 3) in Charlotte, N.C.

Watch Selena Gomez Talk About Her Tour Wardrobe