When Selena Gomez heard 'Who Says,' the song that went on to become her highest charting single and a feel good hit of the summer of 2011, she knew she had to have it. In an interview with 'The Ralphie Radio show,' Gomez revealed that she went as far as emailing songwriter Priscilla Renea to plead her case.

"A couple of artists wanted the song," Gomez said. "So as soon as I heard it, I sent her an email about how much the song meant to me and how much I feel like it could mean to my fans since I am in the generation gap where you're growing up and I can make a good impact on kids my age."

Apparently, Gomez's sincere and heartfelt email was enough to win Renea over. The rest, as they say, is her-story. Gomez said she was not initially planning to record a whole album and that 'Who Says' was going to be an isolated single.

In this video chat, Gomez was asked about the rumor that she was approached to play Charlotte in the buzzed about 'Sex and the City' prequel. She also said while the option of college is always open, she is happy with her current position in life. "At the moment, I am enjoying where I am at now and having a great time touring," Gomez said. All the Gomez fans are probably happy that she's choosing the open road to a college classroom! That's why she and her bestie Taylor Swift had to "fake" a college experience once!

Watch Selena Gomez Interview For 'The Ralphie Radio Show'