Surprise! It's the song we've all been waiting for Selena Gomez's "Good for You."

Scheduled to officially be released on June 22, the new track off her long awaited Stars Dance follow-up has leaked a few days early. And now, you can hear it below.

Starting with a dark and eerie instrumental, Selena's breathy vocals are the main focus for a few lines. Then, midtempo taps come in as the song grows into the chorus, where Selena sings about how she wants to look good for her man. The song falls into the sultry realm, but doesn't cross the line, as Selena keeps it classy with the lyrics, which she reportedly wrote with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels.

"Gonna wear that dress you like, skin tight / Do my hair up real real nice / And syncopate my skin to how you're breathing / 'Cause I just wanna look good for you / Good for you / Good for you," she sings.

As previously reported, A$AP Rocky lays down a guest verse on the track, telling Selena how he appreciates what she's doing for him, but doesn't want to get her to do bad things.

"Hold on, take a minute love / 'Cause I ain't tryin' to mess your image up / Like you mess around in Trippa cars / Roam around town / Pull your zipper up / Pants sag like I don't care / But I ain't tryin' to mess your business up / Tryin' to get you into stuff," he spits on the mic.

Rocky's verse continues on about her enticing him, and he can't help but fall for it.

The song is full of sensual innuendos, and shows us an even sexier and more grown up side of Selena — a different direction from her collabo with Zedd, "I Want You to Know." And this only makes us more curious about how the video, which she filmed earlier this month with director Sophie Muller, will ultimately look.

You can grab your copy of "Good for You" on June 22, followed by her upcoming album set to be released later this year via Interscope Records.

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