Team Christina Aguilera starts off this episode of 'The Voice' with Geoff McBride and Sera Hill. They had a big task of singing Aretha Franklin's 'Chain of Fools.' Christina paired them together because "they showed that they have powerful voices." Aguilera is not messing around with her song choices.

McBride and Hill sang for Aguilera during coaching sessions, and she didn't have to do much tweaking. She said that "Geoff blew her away with his range." The 51-year old McBride said, "I have the advantage because this is the stuff that I grew up on."

McBride was the first to work with his mentor. Lionel Richie worked with him and was instantly blown away with McBride's voice. Aguilera said that in order to win, McBride must challenge Sera. Ritchie added that "he needed some swagger."

Hill worked with Jewel as her mentor. Aguilera was the first to give advice and she said that Hill was "bringing it." She also acknowledged McBride's powerful voice once more. Jewel's advice was to "bring more emotion, more heart and she'll bring it home."

The battle started and they started to sing an upbeat version of 'Chain Of Fools.' Hill was first to sing and started this battle off very strong. McBride's return was very powerful, as expected. They have a nice "call and answer" style together, and back in the Motown days, they would have sold a lot of records as a duo. Hill and McBride both had amazing runs at the end of the song. This was one of the closest battles so far this season.

Cee Lo Green started mention that "they work well as a group." It is clear that he enjoyed the performance and thought that McBride was stronger. Blake Shelton added some comedy and said, "They can sing the crap out of this song."

After that performance, Aguilera had a tough decision to make. She took her time and added, "Sera is a technical singer, but Jeff didn't back down." She finally announced that Hill was the winner of the battle because of "the way she did ad-libs and her inflections."

Watch Sera Hill and Geoff McBride Perform 'Chain of Fools' on 'The Voice'