After a DMV line of singers failed to impress Christina Aguilera enough to become the final contestant on 'The Voice' Monday night, 24-year-old Sera Hill didn't disappoint. Singing 'I'm Going Down' by Mary J. Blige, Hill not only made the cut, but landed an impromptu dream duet with her idol.

The other three coaches had already filled their teams, so it was just Aguilera capable of selecting the Georgia raised hotel clerk. She listened to the first verse, and counted the notes with her right arm during the powerful chorus before slamming her palm into the red plunger, spinning around and giving a celebratory nod towards the singer on stage.

It was the voice that the coach was looking for, and she sang along as the audition finished. After she commented that wished she had a microphone, one appeared and in a matter of seconds the two were on stage trading lyrics and encouraging each other to reach for the most difficult notes.

"I sang with Christina Aguilera!" Hill screamed after she finished. It was an emotional finish to the blind auditions. Next week, the battle rounds begin, with team members facing off against each other to move on to the live viewer vote rounds.

Watch Sera Hill Perform 'I'm Going Down' on 'The Voice'