It's no secret or surprise that 'Glee' has reached a cultural saturation point. But you know the show is really on the cultural radar when it's parodied on 'Sesame Street.' For the show's 42nd season, the letter 'G' is spotlighted via the 'Glee' spoof. Brilliant, right?

Here's a synopsis of what happens in the skit. The 'G' club -- pronounced with a hard sound -- is getting ready to sing at the 'Gegionals' and they exalt and celebrate the letter 'G' with their creative, rockin' twist on Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin.'' The show gets major props for handling the classic song differently than 'The Sopranos' did!  They Sesame Street'ize one the biggest hits of the '80s.

The two different factions of singing groups argue about the pronunciation of 'G,' with Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester getting into it while trying to 'encourage' their charges to sing the many ways you can say or sound out 'G.' Take a look at Schuester's bouffant hair, which is strikingly similar to the real thing. Of course Sue is rocking her signature track suit, complete with a 'G' patch on the chest. Her favorite word that starts with a 'G?' Why, gym of course!

Thanks to this super cute skit, 'Sesame Street' really makes education fun with a capital 'F.' Oops, we meant to say 'Sesame Street' makes education great, with a capital 'G,' in keeping with the episode's theme!

We love how the show has parodied the 'Glee' cast to a T, er, G. Okay, no more of the 'G' stylings!

Watch 'Sesame Street' Parody 'Glee'