"People of Earth, prepare to be 'desserted'!" cries the super villain in Sesame Street's epic new Avengers parody, "The Aveggies."

What's one to do when his vegetables are taken from him? Call the Aveggies! (That's Dr. Brownie, Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, Mighty Corn, and Zuchin-eye, in case you were wondering.)

The vehicle destroying the world's healthy foods is a giant chocolate chip cookie. There's only one man —uh, Muppet— perfectly equipped to take on the threat: Dr. Brownie, aka Cookie Monster.

"Me ready to turn green, get big and eat giant chocolate chip!" the furry blue monster promised Onion Man.

Dr. Brownie needs all of the backup he can get, however, which is why Captain Americauliflower offers to protect him with his shield. (That is, until Cookie Monster notices that the shield is round like a cookie and eats it. Hey, it happens.)

Aside from advocating teamwork and the benefit of eating vegetables, the parody emphasizes focus. Namely, how Dr. Brownie can channel his energy into defeating the giant chocolate ship. (Hint: This means not eating Captain Americauliflower's shield.)

Can the Aveggies stop the anti-healthy evil chocolate ship? Will Dr. Brownie ever stop accidentally nomming on his comrade's weapons? Will vegetables be restored to the world? Check out the amazing Sesame Street parody in the video above to find out!

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