Republican Senator Ted Cruz stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday night (March 17), where he discussed inadvertently scaring a little girl when he declared the "world is on fire" during a New Hampshire campaign speech. (She now thinks he's a fireman.)

"The Obama/Clinton policy of leading from behind… the whole world is on fire," Cruz said in his speech, which you can watch in the video above.

"The world is on fire?" an incredulous three-year-old girl asked, taking his comments literally.

"Yes!" he replied as the rest of the crowd laughed. "Your world is on fire."

While the clip ends there, Cruz points out that the next line he said was, "Your mommy is here, and together, we are going to put it out."

"I just talked to her mom," he told the Late Night host. "She said, 'My daughter was incredibly happy and, in fact, turned to me. And I said, 'Ted is going to put out the fire.' And she said, 'He's a fireman? He's like Marshall on PAW Patrol!'"

While the commentary was sweet, Seth Meyers wasn't about to let the senator off the hook so easily as the two engaged in a tense exchange about global warming. You can watch that — as well as the Texas senator's perhaps surprising stance on gay marriage — in the videos above and below.

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