'Divergent' lands at the multiplex this Friday, March 21. Know what else lands? Oh, just franchise star Shailene Woodley, who plays the heroine Tris in the cinematic adaption of the mega-popular YA novels. She lands on her back, safely, after taking a huge leap in a new clip from the film.

Tris is on a rooftop in a futuristic urban landscape. In order to be fully initiated into the Dauntless faction, she has to take a flying leap into the darkness.

Tris has to drop off a building into a net. It's a free fall and if you don't like heights, well, maybe you ought to sit this one out! She is welcomed to Dauntless, though.

Woodley made a splash back in 2011 in the critically acclaimed film 'The Descendants,' playing the rebellious daughter of George Clooney, who is trying to hold his family together when his wife suffers brain damage in a boating accident. The actress, 22, revealed that she and the actor remain close and he taught her more than she could ever know.

"He’s like my second dad," Woodley said, revealing that the always-classy Clooney leads by example. "He’s got my back. I've never met somebody in the industry who’s more grateful, who pays it forward without talking about it in the press or speaking about it to anyone else. That to me was the best advice, just learning through his actions."