Just in time for Halloween, Shailene Woodley's visit to Jimmy Fallon is perhaps the most unintentionally suspenseful talk-show visit we've seen in a while.

Promoting her new movie 'White Bird in a Blizzard,' the 'Divergent' star brought some sick '80s dance moves to the set with her and, like usual, Jimmy was more than willing to join in. Calling them 'goth dance moves' because -- duh -- the scene that calls for them takes place in a goth nightclub, Shailene can be seen teaching Jimmy how to both 'clear the cobwebs' and 'step over the dead bodies.' Check out their sweet dance moves in the video posted above!

Then, in a clip that's somehow just as tense as an actual horror movie, Jimmy and Shailene can be seen playing a game Jimmy has dubbed 'Pumpkin Time Bomb.' The game has the two wrapping rubber bands around a pumpkin, with the end result being in the pumpkin's ultimate explosion. Jimmy interviews Shailene all the while, asking her some pretty seasonally appropriate questions like 'do you trick-or-treat?' Sadly, we never get an answer as an audience reaction causes the two to freak out in fear.

It's a hilariously tense video, and it's a good thing they're both wearing goggles, because when the pumpkin finally does explode just a few minutes in, its innards go flying. Check out the awesome clip posted below!

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