With a baby – a son they plan to name Biel -- on the way, pop diva Shakira and her boyfriend and baby daddy, soccer player Gerard Pique, have to make sure all their ducks are in a row so they can focus on their little guy when he arrives. The handsome pair paid a visit to the Barcelona home they are having renovated.

They need to make sure the foundation is rock solid and the nursery is ready for when they welcome their little blue bundle of joy.

Shakira, dressed in a leave-her-alone-she's-preggers-uniform of sweats, sneakers, a white tee and a comfy knit cardigan, showed her expanding baby bump, which was visible even when covered by an oversized tee.

Shakira and Pique admired the contractor's work and reportedly plan to move into the abode before the birth of their first child. That way, they can nest with their newborn and not have to worry about unpacking, renovating, painting and all the noise that comes with sweat equity.

The singer and the footballer purchased the property in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona earlier this year, according to The Daily Mail. The home has a security gate, two garages and a large balcony. It still required quite a bit of work to get it in fighting aka inhabitable shape. But it appears as though they are getting there.

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