"Fore!" Global pop star Shakira showed off her golf skills, which she is currently in the process of developing, while down in Mexico, courtesy of a video blog (or vlog) the singer posted while on the road. The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer was not playing miniature golf or putt putt. As if she would bother with those amateur, date night activities. Rather, sexy Shakira is videotaped engaging in the real thing on the driving range. She is cavorting on the the type of golf course where rich men enjoy a day off and wear ugly checkered pants while driving on the grounds in swanky golf carts.

The pint-sized singer looks smashing even when she is documenting her golfing aspirations in a pair of baggy grey sweats and a crisp white tee, as she swings the club with the kind of determination normally reserved for Tiger Woods. Shakira takes golfing form and posture seriously as she goes to make each swing.

Shakira also has fun and isn't above laughing at herself when she muffs a shot. It's a lively video that depicts Shakira's vivacious spirit. We'd go nine holes on the course with her any day of the week. We know plenty of red-blooded American males that would do the same.

Watch Shakira Show Off Her Golfing Skills