On June 21, Shakira landed in Jerusalem, Israel in order to meet with Israeli President Peres and to take part in a panel discussion along with comedian Sarah Silverman. In these pictures, fans of Shakira can see the Colombian pop siren and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador as she visits the ancient country.

Shakira met with President Peres at one point during her visit, posing for pictures with the Israeli politician onstage at a press conference. At the press conference, Shakira also took part in a joint discussion with the President and fellow entertainer Sarah Silverman, and was presented a necklace by a young Israeli girl as a sort of "thank you" present. The bubbly Shakira was all smiles during the press conference, as she wore a chic black pant suit and white sweater.

During her visit to Jerusalem, the 'Rabiosa' singer also visited a bilingual school, where she greeted a hoard of Israeli and Palestinian students. The kind-hearted Shakira happily took the time to shake their hands, sign autographs, and pose for pictures with the kids. Check out these pictures of Shakira as she visited Jerusalem, Israel on June 21, 2011.