Shakira is cutting loose in her brand-new video for the track 'Rabiosa.' The song's title translates to the English word 'rabid,' and in the clip, Shakira channels her inner animal as she parties it up in a club and does an incredibly sexy pole dance.
The 'Rabiosa' video -- which surprisingly doesn't feature Pitbull like the song itself does -- starts off with the Colombian songbird entering a sexy dance party at a nightclub. The soiree that ensues within reminds us of a bawdy version of a kiddie play zone, equipped with silly string-spraying mad men, a glass case filled with colorful plastic balls and liquor bottles, and showers of confetti.

Throughout the vigorous video, the camera leads Shakira through the festivities, as she sports a green mini-dress and short bobbed brown hairdo. The singer engages in a salsa dance with a male party-goer, crowd surfs above the masses, and gets playful in bathtub as she sings the lusty lyrics.

The most memorable moment in the 'Rabiosa' video has to be when Shakira (who is blond again) whips out her signature wind and grind, but this time, she is on a stripper pole in nothing but a teeny weeny black bikini. Only Shakira can transform a pole dance from trashy to awe-inspiring, as she moves her body in ways that most people can only dream of. She finishes big with a sideways split as the video fades out.

'Rabiosa' appears on Shakira's English and Spanish album, 'Sale el Sol,' which is currently available for download by clicking here.

Watch the Shakira 'Rabiosa' Video